Most companies and organizations understand the need to tap into the power of social media. As you extend your message through avenues like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, be mindful of your brand.

Think of your website as “professional Monday” and your social media as “casual Friday.” Your social media sites are still at work, still on task, but just a little more relaxed in presentation and tone of voice.

Everything you say and share on social media should reinforce your core message, whether it’s “We give great customer service,” or “We’re the most experienced,” or “We value your opinion.”

Likewise, your social sites should reinforce your visual brand. So take every opportunity to customize your social media sites and make them look more like you. Many of these social media sites will happily set your company name in their standard font; if you have the option of uploading and displaying your logo instead, or setting custom colors to your page, make it so.

Finally, photos on social sites should be right in line with the photography you feature on your website. Sure, photos can be a bit more candid on your social sites. But if you can achieve a similar level of photo quality, all the better.