As a web-empowered business, you are faced with this reality…

Writing, blogging, and fresh content generation is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Objections to this advice?

“I know I should write/blog, I just don’t know what to say.”

“The ongoing commitment terrifies me.”

To the dry wells of creativity and commitment averse, some tips:

Tip #1. Locate the sources of your existing content. Where do you already write? Emails!  Check your outbox… Your proposals.

Find the wellspring of creativity in your company… your best salesperson, sales assistant, your marketing staff, your webmaster, or your mailroom… It does not need to be refined, just fresh.

Tip #2. Cultivate your content. Grow it from seedlings. Tend to it. Harvest it when it’s ready.

Not all polished articles come straight from your brain to the written page. If you are one of the lucky few, congratulations. Otherwise, develop a refinement process.

An example:

  • Step 1 – Internal Email to staff. Get some ideas out, start brainstorming.
  • Step 2 – Write your thoughts to a few trusted colleagues outside your company. They might be advisors, directors, or trusted friends. Small LinkedIn groups seem to work well for this.
  • Step 3 – Float the ideas by a small group of close customers. Do you have “beta testers” for your ideas? Get some.

Each stage is testing your content with a friendly audience.

By the time you are working with your beta testers, you’ve received enough feedback that your ideas should be sound enough for a blog draft.  All blog article drafts are too long.  Spend some time editing that long draft into a short, concise blog article.

Tip #3. Do this every day.

This greatest of all writing secrets is out. A daily writing routine leads to more and better writing. Google “write every day” and see the array of rich materials, tools and techniques available.

Writing for the health of your business is so much like exercise for the health of your body.  Both can be frustrating, boring, intimidating, painful, and stressful.  But as we all know, take care of it, and it will take care of you.